September 13th, 2021

Новости из Нового Света (в обоих смыслах).

Просто процитирую англовики тут. Седьмой пункт статьи про Азимова - "Отношение к женщинам". Азимова, Карл!

Asimov would often fondle and kiss women at conventions and elsewhere without regard for their consent. Several of Asimov's own personal writings testify to this, including Asimov's 1971 The Sensuous Dirty Old Man, in which he wrote, "The question then is not whether or not a girl should be touched. The question is merely where, when, and how she should be touched."[276] In his 1979 autobiography, In Memory Yet Green, he allowed Judith Merrill to write a three-paragraph footnote, in which she wrote:

The fact is that Isaac (who was at that time [1952] a spectacularly uxorious and virtuous husband) apparently felt obliged to leer, ogle, pat, and proposition as an act of sociability. When it went, occasionally, beyond purely social enjoyability, there seemed no way to clue him in. … Asimov was known in those days, to various women, as "the man with a hundred hands."[277]


Есть ли предел чекистской мерзости мужла?! Вопрос риторический. Предела нет, все подонки.